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In this competitive business environment, it is challenging to find ready-to-use engineers. Demand for higher-order thinking and ability to impact business skills is on the rise. In order to fill the critical gap that exists in engineering graduates between their academic knowledge and industry requirements, we at EmergWay focus on providing end-to-end training to enable the young engineers to improve their technical and cognitive skills.

What People Say


Vennila. S CIT

I have attached few words EmergWay Program for Engineers from my heart. "I learnt both technical and non-technical skills from EmergWay Academy. Mainly the class environment is very friendly with more hands- on experience that really make me learn in all directions. It helps to review and shape my goals and passion, and make us to work in groups and do technical as well as social activities. Emergway makes us to understand people, and our profiles too." Vennila. S, CIT

Santhosh CIT

The EmergWay Program is one of the memorable and lifetime experience during college days. Since then my skills have been improved a lot. There is a saying "Don't feed hungry man a fish, Instead teach him fishing”. Like that -they taught me how to learn and how differently we can learn with full of fun and hands on experience. Thanks a lot Santhosh CIT, Electronics engineer

Akilan CIT

To achieve success we need support. The EmergWay Program supports and helps us discover our hidden abilities to step into future. It gives technical skills to develop our abilities with passion and purpose. Akilan CIT, Mechanical Engineering

Karvannan CIT

Thanks Emergway academy The EmergWay Program was a different experience. It took us away from the books and taught us the life skills turned us into a people's person, made us to follow our dream, our passion and motivation instead of living others dream. It made us the people who we are now, confident better able to learn, and interact and appreciate the technical knowledge

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