Many of the Engineering Colleges in India are “young” and there is an acute need to build world class faculty. In a typical Engineering Institute, most faculty members are young, in the beginning of their careers. Some of them have chosen a career in teaching but do not have a good handle on the requirements. This usually leads to:

  • Low motivation levels leading to poor engagement
  • Good faculty may leave after a year or two since they feel they get better prospects outside
  • Some faculty may not have embraced “Teaching” as their final career choice
  • Need for better people handling skills that will allow them to mentor and motivate students
  • Lack of ownership of their duties

Colleges should focus on building the community and enable each and every student who enters their college to graduate not only as a good engineer but also a “good citizen”. This means teaching them good values, discipline, analytical thinking and be a guide to help them reach their personal goals in life. Also given the competitive environment today in India, the college needs to perform well in their academics and ranking among the colleges in the State as well.

EmergWay has created a comprehensive program that will enable the Faculty to create a vision for the Institute and work towards reaching that vision. It will provide them with “Leadership Skills” to drive both themselves and their college to reach set goals.

EmergWay proposes the following program to be conducted in phases spread over 6 months for the key members of the Faculty, who will in the future take on the leadership role:

  • Faculty Leadership Program for a select team of Faculty Members. EmergWay will conduct a Leadership Program for the Faculty. This Program will instill leadership skills in the Faculty. In turn this team of faculty will lead the others by example and if needed, we can also provide similar training for the other faculty.
  • This training program will include key elements of “People Centric Leadership” and will cover Passion, Purpose and Optimism (I am the message), Responsibility, Accountability, Delegation, Inspiration, Conflict Management, Team Leadership, Dimensions of being a Leader, Fire-Fighting vs Fire-Lighting, Direct the Personal Growth of the Team